Day 1 at Stanford University.

  1. The little steps even the ones that I don’t believe does matter. Keep delivering small victories(tests, assignments, home works, etc..), get back from your small defeats and plough forward to get to that grand success.
  2. I was never alone, even though it felt that way. My teachers, parents, coaches, Uncles, Aunts, cousin sisters, my dad friends, my mom friends all believed in me. They kept saying that I have lot of potential. I am unique. I am different, I am here in this world to do something BIG. However potential can be converted to victories only through performance
  3. The sacrifices that I made. I said NO to many things. I said NO to bad influences/so called friends, I said NO to many movies, shows, games etc.. These sacrifices made me strong and I built something called “will power”, this tool is what I am going to use in the next 4 years at Stanford.
  4. My Patience on subjects that I did not understand for the first time and my teachers and parents patience on me when I yelled at them, when I was not at my best, when I was way down, they had patience in me. Two way Patience is very important for success.
  5. All these hard work, friends, family, my new skills are amount to nothing if GOD was not on my side. There are very talented people out there, they are Kids who are genius but don’t have opportunity. I am blessed with Good Family, Good Teachers and Good Friends and that is because of GOD who has put me at the right spot.




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