Life can be defined by the following one liners.

  1. Memories that can be retrieved.
  2. Definite Time given for a lease with an abrupt end.
  3. Mix bag of emotions, both pain and pleasure, while we seek Pleasure over Pain.
  4. Opinions and judgements keeps changing until there is no mind to process both.
  5. Begins with time and energy and ends with depleted energy.
  6. Dreams and Actions. Tears and Laughter. Loss and Gain. Alive and Dead.

Ok, So what!!!

  1. Time and Energy. As time progresses energy raises and falls until there is no time and depleted energy.
  2. Fill events that is worth “memories” in the allotted time
  3. Rather Not “time poor” vs. “money rich” instead “Time rich” and “Money Sufficient”
  4. Oneness with the creator while alive.
  5. Build relationship that can stand hard times.
  6. Never forget the sacrifices people made for you.
  7. Give all away before you die.